More Coffee Please.

I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m going to have fun learning how as I go along.

This is going to be for my own personal notes on my long strange trip to becoming a published author. Hopefully, I won’t make too many typos along the way. I’m going to start this with giving a little history lesson leading up to this point, and then I’ll start listing resources that I’ve found useful in this grand adventure.

Some of those links will be to preparedness related sites and information or sites that break down some of the conspiracy theories that used to get talked over in the CT scene. The rest will be links to information that could be useful to anyone who decides to follow in my footsteps and tries for being a published author.

I do not get paid by any of the resources that I will be listing except for the ones that I specifically point out as being for my book sales or affiliate programs. If I ever sign up for any of those.

This isn’t going to be the kind of site where I spell out for people how to write a book, how to get published or any of the nuts and bolts of the industry. There are far more knowledgeable individuals with their own well-established blogs and sites that have already done that. I feel no need to compete with them and will be more than happy to direct traffic that way if you are looking for that sort of thing.

The Creative Penn does the technical aspects of this whole business much better than I ever will. She is also one of the first people that I looked up on Twitter.

Another site to help you find writers to follow on Twitter is Free Writing Events. She runs an editing service, has a daily and monthly updated list of games and contests, and is someone who’s writing I look forward to on my feed.

I’m here to tell stories. I want to amuse and entertain. Some of it may be serious. Other parts will be sad. Some happy times will be posted. I will share shorts and book excerpts along the way as I share my frustrations and joys on the road to publishing my writings.

I’m still in the editing stages of the books I’ve written and will inform everyone when it’s that time. I’ll be posting bits and pieces of the books here and there as teasers. I also have a few short stories to share that I’ll be posting on the blog as I go along.

If you’re reading this, then I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Updates will be done. Additions will be added to this page as well.

Contact Info:

Red Vilan on Twitter

Angry Red Man at the Fringe

Red Vilan on Smashwords

Red Vilan on Gab

Red Vilan on Gravatar

Red Vilan on Wattpad


The money from this will be used for professional services such as editing and book covers. I may start a go-fund-me site or something of the sort as well.


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